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Lighting Fixtures

Lighting is usually classified into major types and forms such as task lighting, accent lighting, indoor lighting and outdoor lighting. Lighting is mainly provided through three methods that include down lighting, up lighting and front lighting. Lighting fixtures and related items are normally categorized into many sub items and products all over the world. These sub items and products are emergency lights, holiday lighting, industrial lighting, LED lighting, outdoor lighting, portable lighting, professional lighting and residential lighting includes other lighting fixtures. Emergency lights, holiday lighting and industrial lighting include many products and lighting accessories. LED Lighting also contains many things such as LED backlights, LED flashlights, LED headlamps, LED lamps as well as other LED lighting items. Outdoor lighting consists of camping lights, floodlights, garden lights, lamp poles, lawn lamps, other outdoor lighting, outdoor wall lamps, solar lamps, street lights, underground lamps, and underwater lights whereas portable lighting includes flashlights and torches, headlamps, hurricane lanterns, portable spotlights and other portable lighting. Residential lighting comprises book lights, ceiling lights, ceiling spotlights, chandeliers and pendant lights, down lights, floor lamps, grille lamps, night lights, other residential lighting, table lamps and reading lamps and wall lamps. There are also many professional lighting and other lighting fixtures as well.

Lighting Bulbs & Tubes

There are many types of lighting bulbs & tubes such as energy saving & fluorescent, halogen bulbs, high pressure sodium lamps, incandescent bulbs, led bulbs & tubes, mercury lamps, metal halide lamps, neon bulbs & tubes, ultraviolet lamps, xenon lamps and other lighting bulbs & tubes also. These lighting bulbs & tubes are offered with so much style and variety. All of these lighting bulbs & tubes have become essential for the modern life. Our lifestyle is greatly facilitated by using all types of lighting bulbs & tubes as needed. Gas discharge lamps include many other types such as fluorescent lamps, compact fluorescent lamps, black light, inductive lighting, hollow cathode lamp, neon and argon lamps, plasma lamps, and xenon flash lamps while high-intensity discharge lamps includes carbon arc lamps, ceramic discharge metal halide lamps, hydrargyrum medium-arc iodide lamps, mercury-vapor lamps, metal halide lamps, sodium vapor lamps and xenon arc lamps. There are also many other sources of lighting e.g. annihilation, blackbody radiation, bremsstrahlung, Cerenkov radiation, cyclotron radiation, radio-luminescence, explosion, fusor, floodlight, hybrid solar lighting, lasers, laser diode, nonlinear optics, sono-luminescence, sulfur lamp, synchrotron light, scintillation, super-continuum, spark, tanning lamp, LIFI, light pollution as well as high altitude nuclear explosion. There are many types of light pollution such as over-illumination, light trespass, glare (including blinding glare, disability glare and discomfort glare), sky-glow and light clutter.

Lighting Agents

Lighting agents play a very crucial role. Especially during purchasing, lighting agents facilitate us through their precious advices. Lighting agents provide knowledge to consumers. Lighting is provided by various natural and human-made resources including natural resources (celestial and atmospheric light and terrestrial), combustion, direct chemical, combustion-based resources, electric powered resources (electron stimulated, incandescent lamps, electroluminescent (EL) lamps, gas discharge lamps, high-intensity discharge lamps) and many other resources. There are private and government-funded organizations in the world which are chiefly related with lighting and all the issues related with lighting. Examples of these organizations include Indian Society of Lighting Engineers (ISLE), India, Associazione Professionisti dell'Illuminazione (APIL), Italy, Institution of Lighting Engineers (ILE), United Kingdom, Association de Concepteurs Eclairage (ACE), France, Schweizerische Licht Gesellschaft (SLG), Switzerland, Hellenic Illumination Committee (HIC), Greece and Society of Light and Lighting (SLL), United Kingdom. Fire is a type of combustion lighting. Natural resources of lighting consist of celestial and atmospheric light which includes astronomical objects, sun (sunlight), sunset and sunrise, corona, photosphere, starlight, bright stars, deep sky objects (e.g. accretion discs around black holes, quasars, miscellaneous nebulae), supernova, milky way, zodiacal light (dust found in solar system), gegenschein, atmospheric reentry, meteors, meteor showers, bolides, earth-grazing fireball, sprite (lightning), ball lightning, upper-atmospheric lightning, dry lightning and aurora and Cerenkov radiation etc.

Lighting Accessories

There are many lighting accessories such as ballasts, dimmers, lamp covers & shades, lamp holders & lamp bases, lighting transformers and other lighting accessories. These lighting accessories are easily available in the market. All lighting accessories are made by leading companies. These lighting accessories provide us more than needed lights in our environment. Light Bulb, the most common lighting resource, is an electric powered source of lighting. There are many types of lamps such as ballast, fluorescent light, halogen, luminaire, neon and compact fluorescent lamps. Terrestrial is also a resource of lighting which further includes other resources such as bioluminescent fungus bioluminescence, luciferase, aquaria Victoria (a kind of jellyfish), Antarctic krill, parchment worm (chaetopterus), cavitations bubbles, foxfire, glowworm, volcano-volcanic, and volcanic eruption (lightning, heated material, lava, lava flow, lava lake, radio-luminescence, tri-bioluminescence, earthquake light) etc. Chemo-luminescence, fluorescence, and phosphorescence are direct chemical resources of lighting. Combustion-based lighting resources include Argand lamp, argon flash, acetylene/carbide lamps, Betty lamp, butter lamp, candles, flash powder, gas lighting, gas mantle, kerosene lamps, lanterns, lime-lights, oil lamps, rush-lights, safety lamps, Davy lamps and Geordie lamps and torches. Electron stimulated resources of lighting include cathode-luminescence, electron stimulated luminescence, cathode ray tube, mono-scope and nixie tube. Incandescent lamps include carbon button lamp, conventional incandescent light bulbs, flashlight, halogen lamps, Globar and Nernst lamp.

Lights & Lighting Commercial Lighting Projects

There are many examples of commercial lighting projects. We can easily find different types of commercial lighting projects in all parts of the world. Relevant examples of commercial lighting projects and products include lamps and ballasts (including fluorescent, incandescent, high intensity discharge and fluorescent and hid ballasts), replacement glass and acrylics (lenses and glasses), exit and emergency lighting, flashlights, batteries, fuses and fixtures. Other relevant examples in commercial lighting projects include pendant lights, ceiling lights, wall lights, bath light, table lamps, floor lamps, outdoor lights, step light, track lighting, display lights, directional spot lights, under-cabinet lights, mini down-lights, recessed lighting, led recessed lighting, monorail lighting, tech lighting, LBL lighting, track lighting, commercial lighting, green lighting, energy saving lighting, cable lighting, bruck lighting, fluorescent, LED lights, incandescent reflectors, halogen reflectors, decorative flame, xenon, metal halide, lighting controls and dimmers and many other lighting accessories. Every place or venue requires specific set of lighting instruments and lighting accessories therefore such lighting arrangements are divided into many categories such as home lighting, office lighting, retail store lighting, hotel lighting, restaurant lighting, salon and spa lighting, airport lighting, and stadium lighting etc. Green table lamps or energy saving table lamps have become quite popular and trendy nowadays. You can find all of these products in so much verities and colors.